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Mystik Krewe de la Rue Royale Revelers

Grand Reveler II Napoleon "Rip" NaquinMystik Krewe de la Rue Royale Revelers
The Double Crown
of Gay Mardi Gras

Grand Reveler III
& King Cake King
Napoleon "Rip" Naquin

"The Award Winning Reveler"
Photo by Darwin Reed



Grand Reveler II Napoleon "Rip" NaquinThe Lord of Misrule
Frank Perez
announces the revelation at the
4th Annual RRR 12th Night Party

kicking off Gay Carnival 2017...
The Pope of Bourbon Street is Grand Reveler III!
Captain of Queenateenas double crowns him as
King Cake King for Life!


Meeting of the Courts
League of Distinguished Revelers
League of Distinguished Revelers:
GR I Jeffrey Palmquist
GR II William Antill
GR III Napoleon "Rip" Naquin
Photo by Darwin Reed



King Cake Queen Royalty ClubKrewe of Queenateenas
King Cake Queen Royalty Club:
Captain/KCQ XV Marsha Delain
King Cake King for Life Napoleon "Rip" Naquin
KCQ XXII Aubrey Synclaire
KCQ XXIII Monica Synclaire-Kennedy

Photo by Darwin Reed


The Royal ToastThe Royal Toast
to 12th Night Revelers
by the Lord of Misrule
& Grand Reveler III/King Cake King

All events of the Rue Royale Revelers benefits LGBT+ Archives Project of Louisiana.




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Ambush Magazine: Spotlight Feature:
Coronation leads to Double Crown of 68th Gay Mardi Gras in New Orleans
[see pages 8]

Coronation leads to Double Crown of 68th Gay Mardi Gras in New Orleans (www.AmbushMag.com/is217) (www.GayMardiGras.com/rrr)

The Mystik Krewe de la Rue Royale Revelers kicked off Gay Carnival with their 4th annual 12th Night Party and coronation of Grand Reveler III on Friday, Jan. 6 in New Orleans. Lord of Misrule Frank Perez shocked all in attendance when he removed the Pope of Bourbon Street's mitre and had the Pope crown himself, Grand Reveler III, Napoleon "Rip" Naquin. The Reveler's costumer Opal Masters removed the Pope's chasuble which had been altered with velcro to be ripped off showcasing the Reveler's Napoleonesque jeweled costume.

Shortly thereafter, The Meeting of the Courts commenced as the Rue Royale Revelers welcomed the Krewe of Queenateenas. Queenateenas' Captain Marsha Delain then proclaimed, "I Marsha Delain, Captain of the Krewe of Queenateenas crown you King Cake King for Life."

It's believed to be the first time that a male monarch will reign as royalty over two krewes in Gay Mardi Gras History. The new Grand Reveler introduced his two lieutenants, his soul mate and partner of over 43 years, Marsha Delain; and oldest friend in New Orleans. Michael Sullivan.

In addition to cocktails a plenty, Grey Sweeney Perkins, director of the culinary delights amassed an incredible feast for all with the help of many members of the Rue Royale Revelers. The 12th Night Feast was prepared by and included:

Lesley Caracci Blackwell - deviled eggs, Philip Anthony - meatballs, Eric Wallace - Shrimp Hollingsworth, Brenda Butler - king cake, Mary Dugas - cannolis , Robi Robichaux - Cajun jambalaya, David Feldman - Italian bread salad, Rose Aleta Barbee - buffalo chicken bites, William Antill - mirliton casserole, Kevin Petefish - chicken satay, Frank Abbruscato - deviled eggs, Jeffrey Palmquist - gumbo, Robert McWhirter - sweet bars, Billy Pennington - cornbread, TJ Kinzel - chicken wings, Trevor Levens - king cake, Grey - Carolina pulled pork BBQ and rolls; mixed smoked sausages with tricolor peppers; pesto pasta with chicken, olives, and tomatoes; and Bunny - expert bartending and the mystery punch du jour.

Some 200 guests attended the affair at the Royal Street digs of the Lord of Misrule. Proceeds minus expenses benefit the LGBT+ Archives Project of Louisiana.

According to Grand Reveler III Napoleon Naquin, "12th Night 2017 was an evening I will never soon forget. I don’t know where to start... perhaps from the beginning.

When the Lord of Misrule, Frank Perez, as I like to call him the Grand Putata, first asked me to be Grand Reveler III, I was taken aback not thinking I qualified for Frank’s demented, heathen sense of humor. But once he pointed out my numerous flaws which he so eloquently mentioned, the same ones he told all at the Mystik Krewe de la Rue Royale Revelers’ 12th Night Party, I accepted. My only request that it be kept secret until the big reveal, which I believe was accomplished.

When I told Marsha Delain, my soul mate of over 43 years, she immediately said, “As the Captain of the Krewe of Queenateenas, I will double crown you the same night as King Cake King for Life.” I’m thinking out loud that might just be too much... to which she said she was doing it regardless of what I thought. Now anyone that knows my sweet Baby Lips knows you cannot argue with a queen loaded with razor sharp finger nails!

I was excited to follow in the footsteps of Grand Reveler I and II Jeffrey Palmquist and William Antill knowing I had some big shoes to fill to keep up with the standards of the League of Distinguished Revelers.

In preparation for the big night, I had to choose two lieutenants, a crown and costume. I chose my soul mate Marsha and our oldest friend in New Orleans, Michael Sullivan. We’ve known Michael for over 30 years working with him at Petunias, and partying with him across town, and especially in the Financial District at Le Roundup; and Gregory’s, aka The Wild Side, aka today, The Double Play; and The Corner Pocket.

With the help of two of our best friends, Darwin Reed and Opal Masters, we found a crown which would represent both the Rue Royal Revelers and Queenateenas. The crosses in the crown represented the Pope of Bourbon Street’s ascension to Rue Royale Revelers’ Grand Reveler III, while the fleur de lis’ represented the Queenateenas’ King Cake King.

When I told Opal this whole thing would be hysterical if we did a play on Napoleon Bonaparte as the Emperor of both realms, hence Napoleon Naquin in a blinged out interpretation, all was set in stone, many stones, lol.

Next was the problem of how the Pope of Bourbon Street would be able to transform into Napoleon Naquin before all in attendance. Opal’s solution was to wear the Napoleon costume under the Pope vestments, and alter the Pope’s vestments with velcro to rip it off for the coronation. And it worked! A salute to all those drag stars who led the way with onstage costume changes.

Finally, it was the time for the big reveal and coronation at the 12th Night Party. I was somewhat nervous as we had not rehearsed exactly how this would all culminate. It was a little bumpy but it was finally done at which point the Lord of Misrule did the deed and proceeded with the customary roast of the Grand Reveler. Frank rattled off a bunch of houie including cooking contest wins for the Lafitte’s Spam Cookoff, Amon-Ra’s Gumbo Cookoff and GrandPre’s Potato Salad Contest, thus dubbing me the “Award Winning Grand Reveler”.

The Lord of Misrule then welcomed officials from the Krewe of Queenateenas for the Meeting of the Courts, and champagne toast to King Cake Queen XXII Aubrey Synclaire, and fellow Grand Revelers. Since there were no glasses, the group of royals drank non-alcoholic champagne straight from the bottles, very classy indeed.

It was absolutely a wonderful evening in spite of the weather. Thanks to all of you for joining in this special event in my life, and for all the well wishes. To sum it up in one sentence, I would like to use a quote from Jack A. Jones, 'All Hail King Pope Naquin, so, all this rain was tears of joy, from Rona (Conners).'

I think you were right Jack, Rona sent us a big message...thanks to all, and to all a good night!"

Ambush Magazine: The "Official" Dish:
Rue Royale Revelers will Crown Grand Reveler III on 12th Night @ 4th Annual Party
[see pages 4-5]

League of Distinguished Revelers
GR I, Lord of Misrule & GR IIGrand Reveler I Jeff Palmquist,
Lord of Misrule Frank Perez,
Grand Reveler II: The Financial District Reveler Will Antill
Photo by Larry Graham



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