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You Show and They Throw!

A Real Gay Mardi Gras Tradition
Direct from our AMBUSH onLINE Headquarters on World Famous Bourbon Street.

Balcony Traditions

Show Me Something - Mister !

Rip [your host & KOQ co-captain], King Cake Queen II Jay, Marsha [your hostess & KOQ co-captain] and Miss Paul on this most famous Bourbon Street Balcony... "You show and they throw !"

It's the "Whatever" that you need to imagine because it's a tradition during Mardi Gras weekend to walk through the Quarter looking up at balcony people who toss beads to those in the streets. There's one catch though - before you catch those glittering souvenir trinkets and necklaces - you've got to "qualify." If you listen carefully, you'll hear the balconites yelling for you to expose your "whatever." And thousands do just that, especially on the Day of Days, Fat Tuesday - Mardi Gras. You could probably get a degree as a Doctor of Urology after just one Mardi Gras visit on the "right" balcony. And then there's those female parts. Well, can't tell it all. It would spoil the fun. Not every balcony is equal in beauty, location, quality of beads thrown, type of crowd on board, and overall festive attitude. The best fun is had if you happen to know two guys named Rip and Marsha.

Rip and Marsha Naquin-Delain are two of the most fun loving men in the French Quarter. These two own and run AMBUSH Mag - the oldest regional Gulf South GLBT tabloid, since 1982, and the internationally famous AMBUSHonLINE conglomerate - 36 web sites with millions of page views since 1996. Headquarters for AMBUSH is located in a beautiful three story mansion at 828 Bourbon Street (Write this address down!). Rip and Marsha run AMBUSH from the first floor with their private residence on the second and third floors. This building just happens to have one of those great, wide balconies perfect for entertaining. In addition, their building is located in the very center of all the Bourbon Street Madness.

Rip and Marsha's balcony has become a French Quarter landmark. Every holiday, they lavishly decorate their garden, balcony. And, Mardi Gras is no exception. During Carnival, their balcony is transformed into a stationary Mardi Gras float. Rip and Marsha's Krewe of Queenateenas (KOQ) reign supreme led by their King Cake Queen (KCQ), complete with balcony theme.

One of the hottest invitations in New Orleans is to Rip and Marsha's balcony, float, garden party - Mardi Gras extravaganza. Every year, these two invest quite a sum in the best pearls and beads available. With the motto "For The Best Pearls On Bourbon Street - You Show - We Throw," they have created a Carnival tradition and, over the years, caused quite a stir on Bourbon Street.

Although there are many balconies to visit. Rip and Marsha's is, by far, the best and most revealing.

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